Coffee Roasting Machines

5Kg Shop Coffee Roasters

Super shop coffee roaster machines are ideal for small to medium size business’s roasting approximately under 500kg per week. Super shop coffee roaster machines can be installed into cafes (space permitting) where you can roast your own coffee onsite, saving you thousands in costs. Roastmax can assist in installing and commissioning your roaster. We have a nationwide network of tradesman who can install flues and connect the gas. Profiler systems can also be fitted as well as Australian made afterburners.

Standard features include:

  • Double skin drum
  • Cast iron frontplate
  • All 4 motors with speed control
  • High capacity burners with high turndown
  • 3 minute cooling
  • Triple capacity cooling tray
  • Electronic ignition
  • Datalogger (bean & air temps)
  • Thick insulation around drum housing to reduce heat loss and lower gas consumption
  • Digital temperature controller to 0.1 degrees
  • Countdown timer & alarm
  • Compliant to AGA standards

RMS5 5kg Coffee Roaster Specifications

Production Capacity
5 kg / 14 min.
Gas (LPG-NG) Direct
Heat Output
100 megajoules
240 single phase15 amp
Dimensions L x B x H (cm)
138 x 58 x 170
306 kg
Motor Quantity
Drum Motor
0.44 kW
Drum Fan Motor
0.44 kW
Cooler Mixer Motor
0.90 kW
Cooler Fan Motor
0.90 kW