Coffee Roasting Machines

500 gram Pre-production Sample Roaster

Roasts to the same profile as a full size drum roaster so operators can replicate almost exactly what the coffee will taste like before proceeding to full production on their full size drum roaster.

Standard features include:

  • Double skin drum
  • Cast iron frontplate
  • All 4 motors with speed control
  • Fast Cooling
  • Electronic ignition
  • Datalogger (bean & air temps)
  • Digital temperature controller to 0.1 degrees
  • Countdown timer & alarm
  • Compliant to AGA standards

Sample Coffee Roaster Specifications

Production Capacity
500 grams/9 minutes
Gas (LPG-NG) Direct
Heat Output
25 megajoules
240 single phase15 amp
Dimensions L x B x H (cm)
90 x 50 x 80
80 kg
Motor Quantity
Drum Motor
0.11 kW
Drum Fan Motor
0.15 kW
Cooler Mixer Motor
0.11 kW
Cooler Fan Motor
0.15 kW